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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Jim If you can rev to 3,000 with no load but not under load, with a diesel the issue is almost certainly fuel flow. Another odd thing, but older Westerbeasts

Peter Tollini
6:57 PM

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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Alas, the throttle (sic) linkage was the furst thing I checked. And note that in neutral wpthis engine will rev up to 3000 rpm, its factory set redline. I've

James Starkey
5:01 PM

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Re: [SabreSailboat] Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Jim you may want to check coolant and oil. You may have a blown head gasket. Will happily run without a load, but suck pond water under load. Could also be a

3:59 PM

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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Jim At the risk of being simplistic, have you checked the throttle cable to see if it has slipped or frayed? Is the arm it pulls on the injection pump moving

Peter Tollini
10:14 AM

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Re: Replacing rod rigging I have used Jay Herman. He is excellent. He replaced the rod rigging on a Swan 38 and made repairs to the bottom of the mast. There was some minor corrosion

George Homme
8:21 AM

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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Jim Be assured your symptoms are most certainly from insufficient fuel delivery. So now you know you're good to the Racor, you've got to systematically go down

7:54 AM

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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Jim: To make sure your vacuum gauge is working, slowly close shut off valve.  At some point it will create a readable vacuum. GodwinBojangles S-34-II On

Godwin Jones
7:47 AM

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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Jim, Keep plugging on fuel. You only know that there is no problem between your gauge and the tank. Although, I have problems with "zero" because the vacuum

Harry K
7:32 AM

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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Jim, Unfortunately I agree with you at this point. If I had to guess I would now guess the injector pump. Unfortunately not usually a cheap fix. Good luck.

Allison Lehman
7:30 AM

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Re: Diesel Problem -- Another Clue(less) Here's another piece of data. At great expense, I bought a Racor vacuum gauge, installedcthe sucker, and did a short full throttle run. The gauge has a

James Starkey
7:14 AM

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Re: Replacing rod rigging Here is some more food for thought as some of us move towards replacing or re-heading our rigs. The Navtec site has a maintenance page with a good discussion

David Popken
7:05 AM

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Re: Replacement Fresh Water Pump A few years ago, in Bermuda, at anchor our Westerbeke 33A fresh water/coolant pump failed – the central bearing wore out and the pulley more or less fell

Gus Wilson
Feb 25

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Re: Replacing rod rigging Ray, I called Hall Spars for a bid on replacing the rigging on my boat, they said they would get back to me in a day, I never heard from them...I took this as

Jules Bender
Feb 25

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Re: Replacing rod rigging Folks: Has anyone used: 1. Jay Herman of Annapolis Rigging 2. Jimmie Cockerill of The Rigging Company 3. Corey Butin of Hall Spars to replace your wire or rod

Feb 25

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Re: Replacement Fresh Water Pump Of course, no knock on Jabsco, as we too have several pumps and most are Jabsco. Our first year of ownership saw us replacing the aforementioned water

David Popken
Feb 25
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