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8911Re: Sweaty Palm Moments

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  • gmuller22
    Mar 1, 2007
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      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, David Felsenthal <atlantea@...> wrote:
      > I sent the link to my Norwegian buddy. He says "Germans, on a NATO
      > exercise in Norway"
      > David

      Well, David, you might be interested to know that your buddy is right, the Minehunter in question (Minesweeper is so yesterday) is from the German Navy and, interestingly, is of the Frankenthal-Class (any relation?).

      As interesting is that this ship is intended to remove floating and ground mines and so the ship's description says that:

       "These vessels are equipped with a DSQS 11 M bow sonar featuring a digital signal processor and synthetic sonar imaging.

      The extremely effective mine identification and neutralisation vehicle PINGUIN identifies contacts by means of video camera and a high-resolution shortrange sonar system."

      So, these guys could see mines in front of them but not small mountains? Hmmm. Perhaps, if the USCG and NATO ever hold joint exercises, they can exchange the crews of the Mackinaw and this Minehunter. I bet that could generate some really interesting video highlights.


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