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47272Re: volvo md7a fuel injector pump leak

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  • cercole
    Apr 21, 2014

      We had a similar problem on our MD7A.  It was leaking around the lever for the cold start control.  Our mechanic pulled the pump and brought it to an over the road Diesel repair place.  They resealed the pump and checked it operation.  It was removed repaired and reinstalled for less than $500 total.

      You will need to mark the engine block and the timing pumps installation angle before you remove it.  This will help with adjusting the timing when you reinstall it.

      I was with the mechanic when he did this repair and it was pretty straight forward.  Remove fuel and injector lines, remove linkage.  Mark engine and pump angle.  Remove mounting and adjusting nuts then slide pump off the side of the engine.  It clears the flywheel but you will need to remove the front of the engine compartment makes things much easier.

      Good luck.

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