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45839Boat Printers

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  • Jim Starkey
    Dec 26, 2013
      A while back somebody asked for a recommendation for a boat printer. I
      said I had an HP mobile printer was compact, nicely packaged, and
      wireless but for unfathomable reasons didn't talk to Apple mobile devices.

      I recently found a semi-elegant solution that works for me, at least,
      though it may not generalize. It turns out that Apple has PC software
      that will support Airprint (Apple's wireless print protocol supported by
      iOS) on any printer connected to the PC. A Bluetooth dongle for a
      notebook to connect the PC to printer, a little configuration, and the
      Apple software to talk Airprint to an iPhone or iPad, and Bob's your
      uncle. My boat has a more or less built in PC, so all I will need to do
      is boot the PC to print from an iPad.

      If anyone has a similar need, I'd be happy to supply the details for
      configuring the PC, et al.

      And, hey, everyone -- Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
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