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45607Credit where credit is due

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    Nov 26, 2013
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      West Marine often gets maligned by us, sometimes justifiably, sometimes maybe not.

      In the box of equipment that came with Second Star was a WM Bosun's seat. It was one of the models that had been recalled in 2008 because of a safety issue. This afternoon I took it to my local WM and was given a refund based on the 2006 catalog price, no questions asked. Since I had no receipt, the refund came as a WM gift card.

      The Bosun's seat was made by Taylor Products. Taylor has a well deserved reputation for standing behind their products. This is the second time that I have returned products made by them for a refund or replacement. Of course one might question the quality of their products given my return history. That won't dissuade me from continuing to buy Taylormade products.

      Sometimes there are advantages to shopping at WM, this was one of those times.

      Second Star
      S362 #113
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