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45587Re: [SabreSailboat] Garboard Drain

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  • Richard Coerse
    Nov 24, 2013
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      The bottom of the keel sump on my boat is solid fiberglass approximately 3 inches thick.  My drain is at the very bottom of the sump so it allows TOTAL drainage when on the hard.  The inside and outside surfaces are not perfectly parallel.  I have no knoledge of the keel sump on a 362, so I hesitate to give you any advice.  Maybe a call to Glen Chaplin at Sabre would be helpful.

      rayjanine@... wrote:

      Hi Richard:


      I looked at some drawings of my boat (Sabre 362) where the lead keel meets the fiberglass.  It looks from your sketch that if I was to install the garboard drain like your sketch, I would possibly be hitting the lead portion of the keel.  I know from the photos you showed it was just fiberglass.   How much is your drain above the bottom of the keel sump? Was the hole mounting plane parallel from the outside of the hull and the inside?  I ask this since I am thinking of installing a smaller plug (3/4") and using a flange on the outside of the hull very similar to the other thru hull flanges on our boats.  The part number I am thinking about is made by Grocco TD750.  The hole thru the hull is only 1" and the opening and closing of the drain is from the inside of the boat so that the threads and opening fitting are not in salt water to corrode.  This type of drain al! so has a nut to secure the thru hull like other thru hulls have.  Would this type of drain work on our boats?  I know that the lowest I would be able to get to the bottom of the sump may be 2 inches based on being able to turn the handle at the top of the TD750 but that is fine for winter layup.





      ---In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, <rcoerse@...> wrote:


      I installed one in my S34 MK I (hull #60) and it is documented here:  http://www.earlylight160.net76.net/InstallGarboardDrain.html

      A word of caution....Many of the units on the market have a bronze body, but the plug itself is brass.  I found a unit that is totally bronze manufactured by Buck Algonquin and stocked by Hamilton Marine.  It is a top quality unit.

      Hope this is helpful.


      brucep2100@... wrote:

      I searched the archives - I think - and only found references to the garboard drain as being a good idea.  Would aoppreciate idea on the type, location, and installation.

      For type, West Marine has a 2 incher with a knob while perko has a considerably larger 3". 

      Would prefer to keep the hole as small as possible which would favor the WM one. Can it be installed with the screw out knob on the inside? 

      What plugs and how have you installed your garboard drains? 

      Appreciate your suggestions.



      SA34 MKI #168

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