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45582RE: Garboard Drain

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  • smofishlaw
    Nov 24, 2013

       On my 34MK2 I simply drilled a 1/4 inch hole at the bottom of the bilge using an angled drill. On the outside I countersunk for a flat head screw. I then coated the affected areas with gel coat.  This allows the bilge to drain adequately. Each spring in install a 1/4 #20 flat head screw coated with silicone from the outside with a smal sleeve and a washer and nylock nut in the bilge. 

      The gar board plug arrangements require a much larger hole and have a 3 inch flange that needs to be countersunk. Way too much impact on structure for my comfort.

      This arrangement is simple, quick, cheap and works great.

      ---In sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, <brucep2100@...> wrote:

      I searched the archives - I think - and only found references to the garboard drain as being a good idea.  Would aoppreciate idea on the type, location, and installation.

      For type, West Marine has a 2 incher with a knob while perko has a considerably larger 3". 

      Would prefer to keep the hole as small as possible which would favor the WM one. Can it be installed with the screw out knob on the inside? 

      What plugs and how have you installed your garboard drains? 

      Appreciate your suggestions.



      SA34 MKI #168

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