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45075RE: [SabreSailboat] RE: mast post wiring

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  • Mike Merriman
    Sep 27, 2013


      Yes – you don’t need to remove the collar, but you might as well – its lagged in place, and the screw holding in place were leaking a bit.  And that’s a cored section of the deck.

      Mike Merriman



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      Do you have to pull the collar off?


      Getting ready to finish the wiring job, as I have been running the wires out the inspection port, down the aft hatch and across the ceiling to the compression post and into the bilge (don't laugh, it works..).


      It looks from the factory diagrams that I ought to be able to dig into the waterproof goop with the collar in place.

      Cannot see  pulling it off if it is not need.   


      Thanks for any advice in advance. 

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      I just did the same on my 32.  I removed the aluminum collar and dug out the goop sealing the wires in.  It was pretty simple to pull any wire individually then.  The hard part is fishing the new wire – it takes a hard turn at the keel through a 1” hole.  Much swearing.  To reseal I plugged the hole with electrical duct seal and then a healthy dose of 4200.


      Mike Merriman



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      Subject: [SabreSailboat] mast post wiring



      my rigged is just about done with a rebuild of my deck stepped mast.

      he is having issues with removing the wiring from the mast post.
      anyone removed and pulled new wires? If so, any suggestions?



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