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44352Re: Alternator Belt Tensioner

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  • walkabout193
    Aug 1, 2013
      As Lenny says easily made from a12" 2x4, a 12" length of threaded rod-1/4" or so, a couple of washers, and a couple of nuts. Cut the 2x4 in half and trim one end in a curve with the diameter of your engine's pulley. Drill a hole though the end of both pieces of 2x4 slightly larger than the rod. You're done. The curved ends fit up against the pulleys with the threaded rod bridging between. Hand tighten the nuts till the tool is tight, then use a wrench to finish up tensioning. If you need a picture, shout out. Boats in Maine and I can take a picture Saturday.

      Len Bertaux
      Walkabout S38 mkii

      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, "navip11" <navip11@...> wrote:
      > Would any one be able to advise on a belt tensioner that have found that they like? Looking for one to use on our Yanmar.
      > Thanks!
      > AJ
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