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43854Re: Engine dying/ fuel starvation

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  • rayjanine2002
    Jul 1 6:22 PM
      Hi Allison:

      Sorry to hear about your fuel starvation issue. During my sea trial prior to buying my 1993 boat in 2010 the engine stalled at full throttle. It would run at half throttle but at full throttle it would die. I had the fuel tank polished and also had the fuel filters (primary and secondary) removed and replaced. For the rest of the season I had no problems at any power settings. I then took the boat from LI Sound (Huntington Harbor) thru the East River, under the Verizano Bridge and back into Jones Inlet. The weather was really bad with 10 to 14ft seas (was supposed to be just 5 to 7) in the Atlantic between the Verizano and Jones Inlet with gusts to 40 mph. About 1 hr into the high seas, my engine quit.. The wind was from the quarter aft right side so even without the engine I was able to maintain almost 8 knots with very little mainsail up. I waited for about an hour and tried to restart my engine. It started thank God and there was no further issue. When I hauled my boat for the winter I replaced the entire fuel filter system with an updated Racor Turbine filter (I posted pictures of my new filter on this forum), drained my tank completely, removed the fuel quantity gage and via that 3 inch diameter hole, put a rag on the end of a pole and swabbed out the bottom of my tank. There was muck on the rag and I used many rags to get all the muck out of my tank. That was two years ago with multiple outings in fairly large seas and no further issue. I think you may have the same issue in your tank. The muck on the bottom is getting into the fuel pickup tube blocking the fuel flow. I do not know if there is a screen on the bottom of the fuel pickup tube.

      Good luck and hopefully you fix the problem.

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