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42378Re: Bow roller on an S28?

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  • tim_woodworth88
    Apr 1, 2013
      Carter -

      Your yard certainly packs those boats it. WOW.

      Could I trouble you for a closer look at the bow? How the roller foundation fit and what support was needed under the moved cleat would e helpful. Was it difficult to detach that cleat from the whole casing? Penetrating oil or heat needed? I've done a lot to my Atomic 4 so memories of difficult bolts are fresh.

      It sounds like you use 2 pennants on your mooring? Is that why you need the extra cleats? My spinnaker pole mounts are in the way to do the same thing on the port side. Also, there's just a hawse pipe and not the well on the Series I S28. It is in the way on the starboard side.

      I stand in wonder at the single cleat each time a named storm comes up the East Coast.

      Thanks again

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