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40413Re: Sandy's Devastation in Raritan Bay, NJ

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  • sailor11767
    Nov 1, 2012
      Sad, indeed.

      One curious observation. The general consensus, one heavily endorsed by BoatUS with their 50% cost share, is that boats are better on the hard than in the water. But, on moorings off the RYC, there are several small boats that look very well off. The one right in front of the club looks low in the water (or maybe just a low freeboard boat), but she is floating regardless. Every general rule has exceptions, and in this case it looks like a mooring was the place to be.

      Then, of course, there's the exception to that! We in Maryland had rather light winds and minimal surge. In the very protected creek I am on, there is one moored boat, a mid-30's yawl (looks like a Carl Alberg design). She survived the storm OK -- but her owner may be a bit confused -- she's about 200 yards down wind from where she used to be!


      --- In Sabresailboat@..., "adamturinas" <adam@...> wrote:
      > We had it especially bad on Monday. Storm was at its highest at high lunar tide, blowing right down Raritan Bay.
      > My club, Raritan Yacht Club was devastated. 30+ boats in the yard, smashed to pieces including Sinn Fein, multiple times winner of Newport-Bermuda. Buildings and stairs in the yard wiped out. But most importantly nobody hurt.
      > My Sabre 38 MkII Cadence was on the hard in marina, up a creek, half a mile up from the Bay. The docks were were destroyed, dozens of yachts on the hard washed off their stands. Boats from neighbouring yards washed into ours.
      > I was extremely lucky. Cadence was pinned in place by two other boats. A motor boat had washed up out of the creek held her starboard. To port, the next boat toppled over and pinned her from the other side. Cadence had two stands left by the morning but stayed in place. Some cosmetic damage and bashed up stanchions but I believe otherwsie intact.
      > You can see phtos of my yacht, the yard and RYC on my blog:
      > http://messingaboutinboats.typepad.com/sailing/
      > I hope others escaped both personal and boat harm
      > Adam
      > Cadence, S38 MkII 109
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