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3726Re: [SabreSailboat] Buying S-28... Questions - cabin top

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  • jack horner
    Jun 1, 2006
      Sid, I have a sabre 28 1981 vintage in FLA. cabin top
      curve not really an issue. but a good pair of top
      siders help in taking down the main.
      In projects I did split my back stay to free up the
      area around the wheel and cut the stern rail, top
      horizontal middle behind the wheel for better access
      to the ladder. We do a lot of swimming cause its HOT
      here. Any way I can help just ask Jack/Fla

      --- sid wax <sid_w@...> wrote:

      > Hi folks. New member here, in Newport, RI/ Looks
      > like a great site.
      > Anyway, I am in the process of buying an S-28 II
      > (1977). It is pretty
      > much basic, except for a Harken traveler, wheel,
      > knot and depth. I
      > expect I will adding various mods over the next few
      > years. I will be
      > doing mostly daysailing, and going around the buoys
      > on Wednesday
      > afternoons.
      > I will have questions, especially, I am sure, about
      > making it go fast,
      > but my current greates concern is the high curve of
      > the cabintop.
      > Looks pretty easy to slide off. Does anyone else
      > share this concern,
      > or am I worrying over nothing? I have been thinking
      > of adding some
      > kind og slats on the cabin top to improve traction,
      > but am concerned
      > about making holes in the top, especially since the
      > slats will tend to
      > dam up water. Has anyone ever tackled this issue?
      > Sid

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