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35711RE: [SabreSailboat] Re: Cowl Vents - 4" with a little extra work?

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  • Ken Jenkins
    Jan 2, 2012


      Thanks for the input. I was pretty sure if I started doing much work, I’d break the old plates as you mentioned. Good luck with the vents. I’m leaning toward staying with 3” vents as I like a low profile on the cabin top. In fact I am considering the Vetus low profile 3” SS vent as I tend to step on things up around the mast when I’m rushing around. However the price is sort of hanging me up.

      Regards, Ken


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      The old deck plates were bedded, they didn't budge by just yanking on them. I drove a sharp putty knife under the flange all the way around. I used a short pry bar to reach down inside the box in order to get some leverage from underneath the throat of the vent. That seemed to help break the grip of the adhesive. Only one of the deck plates came out whole. The old plastic was very brittle and easily split up with the putty knife and some gentle tapping. It was easier to get out once broken up into pieces.

      Once the deck plate was out, it was easy to scrape off the old adhesive and clean it up with some acetone.

      The first one took about 20 minutes, then the other three took about 20 minutes total once I figured out how to do it!

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      > John,
      > As a side question, did you have much trouble getting the mounting plate
      > the Martec vent off? I also have a 34 MkII andI had unscrewed one earlier
      > this Fall to check hole size, but could not seem to pull out the mounting
      > plate. I thought maybe it had been bedded with an adhesive. Having limited
      > time, I decided to put off really working on the problem.
      > Thanks for any insight, Ken
      > _____
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      > Subject: [SabreSailboat] Cowl Vents - 4" with a little extra work?
      > The old original Martec cowl vents were removed yesterday on our 1987 34
      > MkII (thank you 55 degree Maryland
      weather!). In reviewing the archives, it
      > looks like most people have replaced with 3" cowl vents, often
      requiring a
      > teak or starboard 'pad' to accommodate a smaller deck ring.
      > Has anyone gone to the effort to slightly modify the dorade box to install
      > 4" vents? The holes in my deck are 3 11/16 inches, somewhat bigger
      than is
      > needed for a 3" vent, and slightly smaller than is needed for a
      4" vent.
      > It's tempting -- the 4" vents are only an inch taller (so I don't
      think they
      > would look out of scale), but have 40% more air flow capacity (based on
      > Vetus catalog).
      > I don't see any references to this approach, so am suspecting that there
      > a hidden 'gotcha !!!'.
      > Thanks -

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