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32782Re: DC system in Sabre 362

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  • sailor11767
    Jul 1, 2011
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      I'll pass on that one. Too many variables to look at it from this distance. A slick calculator that someone pointed out to me (Maybe R.C. told me about it?) is here:

      But that jumper cable is hard to calculate, because it is a short leg of a multi-circuit feed. You might want to take this approach:

      * Consider the halyard or windlass to be the "critical" load, and assume only one will be on at any one time.
      * Use the calculator to find the cable to meet the voltage drop for the critical load (I suspect the windlass will be the driving force here)
      * Make the jumper the larger of (one size larger than the critical load) OR ampacity for the sum of all breakers connected. I suspect that 3/0 would well do it. 3/0 can carry over 380 amps safely, which is probably more than you would need, and can carry 100A to a load 25 feet away, which I would think would reach and power your windlass (note that I don't have a windlass, and have no idea what they draw).


      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, "rayjanine2002" <rayjanine@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Harry. What size cable would you recommend from the terminal block to the battery? I am thinking it should be 3/0 AWG so that there is no doubt that the cable will take the loads of the other cables hooked to the terminal block and also that there is not a voltage drop because of that cable.
      > Kind Regards,
      > Ray
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