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32769Re: DC system in Sabre 362

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  • sailor11767
    Jul 1, 2011
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      You have the classic, highly regarded upgrade to battery systems, although by 1993 Sabre may have started doing that stock. That house bank is not the traditional 12V battery, but the world-renowned Trojan deep cycle 6-volt. It'd suspect a T-105, a golf-cart battery. The giveaway for the voltage is that a lead-acid cell (the individual component of a battery) is around 2V, and those batteries have 3 cells per battery (the white caps are one per cell). That makes those batteries 6V each. Your start battery probably has 6 cells, maybe 3 each under two caps.

      Note that if you get any water, acid, or other liquid accumulation on top of the batteries, a company called flowsystemsusa.com makes a product called Water Misers that replace those white caps with a water capturing device. Under $30 delivered to do that bank.

      One last comment -- since you posted the pics! Your positive post has 2 big wires, and your negative has 3 big wires. A "normal" battery would have one red wire going to the switch, and one or two negative wires, depending on if it is the second battery in the negative daisy chain. Where do those two big red wires go? If one go direct to another battery, you might have two batteries hard-wired in parallel, perhaps not the wisest arrangement. If that represents a direct connected inverter, I hope there is another switch and breaker in the line.

      OK, one more last comment. If it were me, I'd get that automotive adapter off the automotive post, and move the wires over to the marine screw post under the plastic caps. It gets rid of the lead-to-lead joint on the adapter, and gets the wires to a more secure binding post. On the negative post, you'd end up over the ABYC recommended 3 terminal maximum, but I think it would still be a more robust system.

      Hope this helps.


      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, "rayjanine2002" <rayjanine@...> wrote:
      > I have a three battery system in my 1993 Sabre 362 delivered that way from Sabre back in 1993. My DC system is 12V since that is what my Volt meter is showing on my DC/AC Panel. The house battery bank is composed of two batteries that seem to be hooked up in series which would produce 24V. I have posted some pictures of that setup. How is it possible that my house batteries look like they are in series and yet I have a 12V DC battery system in my boat?
      > Thanks,
      > Ray
      > Second Wind
      > 1993 Sabre 362
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