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3139Re: [SabreSailboat] Emergency Tiller Access Plate - S34 MkI

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  • john kalinowski
    May 1, 2006
      Get a chuck of waterproof putty in the electrical section of any decent hardware store. Even Home Depot has it.  It is a dark grey play-doo stuff that does not glue things together.  Roll a thick string of it, outline the bottom of the lazerette to make a gasket, plop the cover back on and tighten.
      The stuff never hardens, never sticks, and will be the least of your worries should you need to get that tiller in there fast..
      Cost is ~ $2

      Carter Brey <cbrey@...> wrote:

      I'm just about to replace mine and was wondering the same thing. It's
      not the greatest design, is it? Mine had broken at the edges from
      pressure stress at the fasteners as well as the kicking and scraping of
      innumerable boat shoes. On my new one, I'm using finishing washers to
      spread the load a bit, rather than chamfering the screw holes.

      I'm thinking that the simplest solution might be to spread a thin layer
      of silicone on the bottom of the plate as well as in the screw holes.
      Adhesion is not an issue, just sealing against water intrusion. In the
      rare and unlikely event that you need to pop it open, you could just
      re-seal it the same way after scraping off the old silicone.

      I was also considering some sort of thin rubber gasket, but I'm not sure
      such a thing would make as good a seal, considering the molded-in
      nonskid surrounding the hole.

      As someone else on the list has pointed out, it's a darkly funny fact
      that any situation requiring use of the emergency tiller would most
      likely be one in which fumbling for and with a screwdriver would not be
      the helmsman's first priority. Some kind of tool-less release mechanism
      would be a welcome improvement.

      Best regards,
      Carter Brey
      s/v Delphine
      1982 S28 II #532
      City Island, NY

      Greg Allen wrote:

      >Any suggestions for waterproofing the plate over the emergency 
      >tiller.  It was very damp when I removed it and explains where some 
      >water has been getting into the bilge.
      >Should there be a gasket or just caulked with a screw driver handy to 
      >pop it open in a moment of need?
      >Greg Allen



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