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28013Re: [SabreSailboat] Re: Oil filter for W27?

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  • john kalinowski
    Dec 6, 2010
      stick in the Hurths are in middle (checked it out the first time I did mine).

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      Subject: Re: [SabreSailboat] Re: Oil filter for W27?
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      Date: Monday, December 6, 2010, 9:21 AM

      Do you suppose maybe the dip sticks were designed for a level engine and ours are mounted on an angle?

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      From: sailor11767 <HarryK@...>
      Mon, Dec 6, 2010 13:03:23 GMT+00:00
      [SabreSailboat] Re: Oil filter for W27?

      Be VERY careful with this! With my engine, a Volvo MDIIC, it would be very dangerous. I haven't had my engine very long, and am part-way through my third oil change. "Part-way" because I'm doing some work in conjunction.

      The MD11 is a 3-quart engine. In previous oil changes, I've pumped out the oil through the dipstick, and then added back in 3 quarts. Both prior changes I noticed that when I add 3 quarts, I'm over the full line, although I've not worried about it (bad, I know). Well, this year, I pumped out the oil through the dipstick, and it came a little over the 3 quart line on the oil jug I put it in. Yeah, I know, it's overfull. Now for the bad part.

      This weekend, with the crankcase "empty" I slipped a pan, perhaps 5 x 7, and maybe 1.5" high, under the back drain plug, and wrestled the plug out (not an easy job!). The remaining oil drained out. And drained out. And drained out. My pan is still there under the engine because I have to go back down there with a pump to drain some off. The pan is full to 1/8" of overflowing! I'm interested in knowing how much oil that is, but I'm guessing nearly a quart.

      The point here is that I thought I was doing an oil change -- but was really doing an "oil dilution." If any kind of flushing fluid was added, it would have stayed in the engine after the oil change. If you can't get ALL of the oil out, any flushing fluid will significantly affect the engine after the oil change.

      The other point here is that the dipstick is a bad oil change plan. The project I'm doing is the addition of a low-point oil drain -- all future changes will be pumped out of the bottom of the sump.

      Rantum Scoot
      '79 S34-I #063
      Luce Creek, Annapolis

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      > One other option is, after draining the oil, run a lighter weight of oil like mystery oil or kerosene, and use it to flush the drain hose. Make sure you let all of this run out before you fill the engine with regualr oil. A friend did this last week and had positive result.
      > I have the same slow drain hose issue-I just let it drain into a flat oil change pan, and wait...

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