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27380Re: [SabreSailboat] Sabre 30 Sea Trial and Survey

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  • Peter Tollini
    Nov 1, 2010
      Since it's an 86, I am assuming that it is a MkIII.  Check the exhaust manifold on the W18.  If it's a one-piece aluminum casting, you are good.  If it has bolted-on end caps, there could be trouble.  That manifold was the subject of a recall by Westerbeke, due to leakage that ended up wiping out #3 cylinder, If it has the old manifold, have a compression test done and factor in @1K parts & labor for an updated manifold.
      Check the fuel tank - after 20-some years, crevice corrosion can and will attack the bottom of the tank where it sits on the rubber pads.  If you see any diesel aft of the engine, that's probably the source.  Good news -  an exact replacement is under $300 and the tank goes in an out through the cockpit locker.
      Also, when the boat is hauled, check the rudder for play, watching the bushing in the hull.
      If it's sound, and it should be, the Mk III is a great sailing boat, with a really nice interior.
      1988 S30 MkIII

      On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 4:33 AM, Kevin <Khartz86@...> wrote:

      I am having a prepurchase survey and sea trial done on a 1986 Sabre 30. Any areas of concern that I or the surveyor should make sure to look at?

      Thanks in advance.


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