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2557Re: [SabreSailboat] Got the 3/8" pipe to 3/4" hose fittings

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  • john kalinowski
    Apr 2, 2006
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      Rebuilt both my main and spare raw water pumps yesterday.
      Yes, there is small paper gasket.
      There is a new one in the impeller kit.
      I used a sharp 1" chisel to give a swipe the old gasket material was gone.
      In rebuilding my pumps:
      1. the 48500 Hansen sold me turned out to be in fact a 33636 (still had the original box).  The impeller kit was not going to work as it, but swapping the original screw shaft for the new one made everything fit. 
      2. If you are rebuilding an older 33636, I suggest you also order the shaft seal. It is $4 as cheap insurance. Some numbnut installed one backwards on the original pump (p.o. had others maintain the boat so I cannot blame him). Still worked, but the salt water took out the spring and metal ring in it, shortening it's life considerably.  You have to remove the pump pull the back circlip, and then gently tap out the shaft. Once done, drift out the old seal (careful not to damage the inner oil seal) and push the new one in with your finger.  Reassembly is the reverse.
      3. NO WAY one is going to be able to use a speed cover on the w-21. There is no room to get to it. Motor on one side, alternator above it. Exhaust manifold behind it and the other side has the boat built around it.  Rebuilding the pumps was 20 minutes each. removal/reinstallation of the unit was 1.5 hours..
      Down to removing the winter frame and complete stripping/varnishing the exterior teak!

      Grant Woodside <gewoodsiii@...> wrote:

      There is a gasket between the pump and the engine
      cover. When I removed the pump, the gasket came apart
      and is stuck to the pump and the engine cover. I had
      to tap the pump with a screw driver and hammer to
      remove it.


      --- john kalinowski <sabre32sailor@...> wrote:

      > what gasket material?
      >   who is on his way to pull & rebuild his pumps
      > right now.
      > Grant Woodside <gewoodsiii@...> wrote:
      >   Got the 3/8" pipe to 3/4" hose fittings by UPS
      > this
      > evening. They Fit! Ordered them from
      > http://www.hoseandfittings.com/ Thanks for all your
      > help understanding pipe fittings. Reintall the raw
      > water pump this weekend. Maybe launch next week.
      > What is the best way to remove the old gasket
      > material?
      > Any other advice?
      > Grant and Terry Woodside
      > Eliza D S32 #3 1984
      > Edgewater, MD
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