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23163RE: [SabreSailboat] Attention gearheads

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  • Al Lorman
    Dec 1, 2009
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      Jeff makes a good point; this was an unusually foul year on the Bay.  I had similar rpm problems with my Yanmar (it only reached 2,000) and the boat was just plain slow under power.  I don’t recall having any black smoke.  I had a diver clean the bottom and all the symptoms disappeared.  Obviously, this won’t solve your starting problems, but that could be a different issue entirely.


      Al Lorman


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      Will it rev over 1500 out of gear when warmed up?
      If you didn't use the boat much, is the prop/hull fouled with growth?
      Jeff B

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      After a miserable summer and fall of non-sailing due to illnesses, weather and life in general, I found my W18 increasingly tough to start, with lots of cranking and black smoke.  When I got out, it wouldn't rev over 1500 and was pushing out plumes of black smoke.  I'm thinking dirty/leaky injectors.  Any other thoughts or sugggestions?



      S30 200



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