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1910Re: [SabreSailboat] Re: radar

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  • R. Coerse
    Mar 1, 2006
      Don't forget to have a galvanic isolator installed ;-)

      Warren Kaplan wrote:
      I'm going in for my cranial cellphone implant next week. It's a new
      Garmin beta prototype, with direct sitcom and GPS (the GPS antenna
      uses inductively coupled strands of hair) so this will obviate the
      need for any kind of mizzenmast, which would be curious indeed on a

      I'm hoping for a Firewire or USB2 port at about the level of the
      third cervical vertebra so that I can "network" with all the gear
      already aboard the boat, and sail accordingly without leaving the
      quarterberth, or even opening my eyes J

      NO ! NO! NO! ....ya' can't do that my friend. Implanted electronics
      increases the risk of corrosion from stray currents when you go o'er
      da' side to scrape the barnacles off your prop! Then again, when they
      install all that advanced and sophisticated electronic gadgetry from
      your neck up, they might also consider installing a coupla' zincs
      behind your ears!

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