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1903Re: radar

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  • gmuller22
    Mar 1, 2006
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      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, Jim Starkey <jas@...> wrote:
      > gmuller22 wrote:
      > > Several possible solutions come to mind. One could use a short
      > > mizzen on the 28 to mount the radar. This might have certain
      > > benefits, such as enabling the skipper to warm a pop-tart in his
      > > shirt pocket by simply turning on the radar or receiving e-mails
      > > directly into his brain thereby maintaining the 24/7
      > > commitment to society that everyone seems to be operating in.
      > Both objectives can be served by using a radar enabled with the
      > "pop" protocol (RFC 1939). "Pop" can also be used to transform
      > corn kernels into yummy snack food, but most computer wireless
      > implementations lack sufficient power output to pull it off, and
      > consequently consider virtually pop, almost pop, or pop inspired
      by a
      > true story. I'm not sure a consumer grade 3.5 watt (input) radar
      > achieve the full potential of pop when applied to dry corn
      kernels, dry
      > Linux kernels, or tarts, but email should be no problem. A
      upgrade to
      > an Aegis class radar would certainly address the power question,
      and, if
      > you select the Phalanx option, provide a nifty way to prevent
      pesky sea
      > gulls from transforming your fore-deck into a poop-deck (it may be
      > necessary to equip the sea gulls with transponders, available at
      > additional cost).
      > --
      > Jim Starkey
      > Netfrastructure, Inc.
      > 978 526-1376

      I'm rather intrigued by the sea gull control application of an Aegis-
      class radar that you mention. I've contacted the people at
      Caterpillar and they assure me that they can provide all the power
      I'll need but it will have to be installed on a barge that I'll have
      to tow along. I've got a call in to the Zodiac people to see what
      they can provide. Meanwhile, going back to the sea gull control
      issue, there is still one question I have, does the roasted sea gull
      come with fries?

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