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1898Re: radar

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  • gmuller22
    Mar 1, 2006
      Yes Jim Starkey, Senior Software Architect, a radar mounted on a
      mizzen does look "shippy" but a mizzen mounted on a 28 does not.
      This presents a conundrum (I get so few chances to use this word).
      Several possible solutions come to mind. One could use a short
      mizzen on the 28 to mount the radar. This might have certain
      benefits, such as enabling the skipper to warm a pop-tart in his
      shirt pocket by simply turning on the radar or receiving e-mails
      directly into his brain thereby maintaining the 24/7 accessibility
      commitment to society that everyone seems to be operating in. I can
      visualize the former occurring but the latter capability is beyond
      my humble means. Perhaps some novel computer architecture imbedded
      in a chip that would somehow be wired in through the cerebellum
      might serve that purpose. I'll leave it to you to work out the
      details. If you come up with something and sell it, you can donate
      my proceeds to the campaign to saturate the coastline with wind


      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, Jim Starkey <jas@...> wrote:
      > gmuller22 wrote:
      > > It looks better than a post on your stern,
      > > particularly because, due to its height, it'll make your 28
      > > look a bit out of proportion or maybe a "big bit" (keep in mind
      > > radar post has ever made any boat look better regardless of
      > >
      > On the contrary, Mr. Muller22, radar mounted on a mizzen looks
      > shippy. If I remember correctly, the 28 was once offered as a
      > Changing the rig won't make the boat go faster or point better,
      but it's
      > a dandy place to put the radar. And t's also the only proper
      place to
      > fly a private signal.
      > --
      > Jim Starkey, Senior Software Architect
      > MySQL AB, www.mysql.com
      > 978 526-1376
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