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17514RE: [SabreSailboat] Cockpit Seacock Maintenace

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  • Peter Tollini
    Sep 1, 2008

      Mike –

      If the 34 MkII is similar to the 30 Mk III, you can clean out the port sail locker and then remove the engine access panel. At that point the other panel can come out by removing 3-4 Phillips wood screws.  That greatly simplified the task for me.



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      I know that someone in this group has had the same problem that I am having now, I have a 1986 Sabre Mk II, 34 foot, The port side seacock apparently has had little maintenance performed on it by the POs. I was trying to clean it today, but I couldn't even reach the back of it to remove the nut. The seacock handle, I couldn't move because it was stuck. This subject seacock is between the steering housing compartment, the CNG locker and the fuel tank bulkhead. Has anyone found a easier way to remove this nut to clean this seacock. I was considering cutting an inspection hole in the bulkhead wall ( on the other side of the seacock) in the port deep cockpit locker to access the back of this seacock and to remove this nut. This inspection hole however would still be 12 inches away from the seacock. I can;t place this inspection hole any closer because of the fuel tank location


      Any suggestions?



      Altomar II

      86 sabre MKII



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