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17510Re: Cockpit Seacock Maintenace

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  • Warren Kaplan
    Sep 1 5:48 AM
      The only thing Carter left out was the Advil!!! Take three before
      undertaking this attempt to assume the physiognomy of a pretzel and
      then take a handful after you negotiate extracating yourself from the
      bowels of your boat!! Wash both doses down with single malt. Take an
      extra swig or two just to make sure!!

      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, Carter Brey <cbrey@...> wrote:
      > Mike,
      > I assume you're talking about the cockpit scupper seacocks.
      > I have a 28, which must have even less room manoeuvring room than
      > 34. But it can be done.
      > My technique is to lower myself slowly into the lazarette (after
      > removed any obstacles stored down there such as fuel jerry cans and
      > mothers-in-law), steering my legs in the direction opposite to the
      > seacock in question. I end up lying on my side facing the seacock,
      > feet over on the other side of the lazarette. In this lateral
      > position I find I actually have a good range of motion for work.
      > Be sure to put all the tools you think you may possibly need in a
      > and bring it with you. And John's advice to bring a rag to spread
      > underneath to catch errant fasteners is good.
      > Oh-- don't forget your dogeared copy of the Profanosaurus. And your
      > phone. And tie the lazarette hatch open with small stuff.
      > Use the backstay to haul yourself up afterward. You may find you
      need to
      > exit in stages, rotating your body 90 degrees as you emerge from
      > shadowy chrysalis.
      > Best regards,
      > Carter Brey
      > S28 MkII #532 "Delphine"
      > City Island, NY
      > On Sun, 2008-08-31 at 21:58 -0700, Michael Sims wrote:
      > >
      > > I know that someone in this group has had the same problem that I
      > > having now, I have a 1986 Sabre Mk II, 34 foot, The port side
      > > apparently has had little maintenance performed on it by the POs.
      > > was trying to clean it today, but I couldn't even reach the back
      of it
      > > to remove the nut. The seacock handle, I couldn't move because it
      > > stuck. This subject seacock is between the steering housing
      > > compartment, the CNG locker and the fuel tank bulkhead. Has anyone
      > > found a easier way to remove this nut to clean this seacock. I was
      > > considering cutting an inspection hole in the bulkhead wall ( on
      > > other side of the seacock) in the port deep cockpit locker to
      > > the back of this seacock and to remove this nut. This inspection
      > > however would still be 12 inches away from the seacock. I can;t
      > > this inspection hole any closer because of the fuel tank location
      > >
      > > Any suggestions?
      > >
      > > Mike
      > > Altomar II
      > > 86 sabre MKII
      > >
      > >
      > >
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