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  • Peter Tollini
    Jun 1, 2008

      Sid –

      I understand and you understand. I’m just amazed at how many sailors think they have the right of way in almost any circumstance.

      Interestingly, the “right of way” does not exist as a right.  The burdened vessel has a burden to yield right of way, but the other vessel never actually owns it.

      I try to be courteous to sport fisherman – when trolling for stripers they’ll pull eight or more lines, so turning on a dime could be ugly.  Commercial guys get all the room they need, period.



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      Actually, sail does not have the right of way over a commercial
      vessel operating in a restricted channel.

      And in general, you won't get very far arguing right of way when your
      pleasure craft, sail or not, is getting in the way of someone trying
      to make a living on the water.

      --- In Sabresailboat@ yahoogroups. com, "Peter Tollini" <pete@...>

      > Fate can work in mysterious ways. When we were almost run down by a
      > Viking doing 20kt on autopilot with a cocktail party in full swing
      on the
      > flybridge, I reported the incident to Maryland's DNR Police. The
      > who took the info was apologetic and said that since there was no
      > and the incident was not witnessed by a DNR officer, any
      enforcement action
      > would be difficult, but he'd check out the Viking for any other
      issues. I
      > was still hot, but I understood.
      > He called me back two days later and informed me that the Viking's
      > home port raised a suspicion that the boat was principally used in
      > and the Delaware home port was just a ruse to evade Maryland's 5%
      boat tax.
      > His hunch had proven correct and he seemed quite pleased to
      announce that
      > the owner (a Maryland resident) would be served with a tax bill of
      5% of the
      > boat's value, plus penalties and interest. I checked BUC - it
      was a $750K
      > boat, so that was a cool $37.5K bill, plus penalties and interest.
      > probably even put a noticable dent in the owner's fuel budget.
      > Moral - If you want to fly under the radar, don't be a conspicuous
      a-h. Good
      > advice for the fishermen as well.
      > Also, when I see boats obviously trolling, I try to alter course
      early to
      > clear their spread. They usually recognize the courtesy. Some
      still see it
      > as an entitlement, much like the fool who survives sailing across
      the bow of
      > a tug and tow in a channel, because "sail has the right of way."
      Can't do
      > much about either.
      > Pete
      > On 5/28/08, Dan Trainor <daniel.trainor@ ...> wrote:
      > >
      > > It was nice in Cuttyhunk this weekend. Less than 20 % of
      moorings taken
      > > and only 2 power boats. Mostly all saliboats. I think the
      majority of
      > > power boaters are done for - too costly.
      > >
      > > On 5/28/08, Jim Starkey <jas@...> wrote:
      > >>
      > >> Tom wrote:
      > >> > Last Sunday we were having a glorious sail down the coast
      about 4
      > >> > miles offshore from Nahant. I was dozing on the leeward side
      and my
      > >> > wife who is not at all comfortable at the helm was steering
      > >> > course toward Deer island when coming from behind us some
      > >> > off their cabin cruiser started yelling at us to learn the
      rules and
      > >> > then called my wife a f*cking asshole.
      > >> >
      > >> > They altered course slightly and passed astearn before I
      > >> > them in some polite interesting discussion about the
      > >> > between being a "vessel engaged in fishing" and
      fishing and
      > >> > manners etc.
      > >> >
      > >> > It was a red fishing boat, new. I did not get registration
      numbers or
      > >> > the name nor did I have time to get out my flare gun (damn)
      > >> >
      > >> > I know that bad manners and powerboating are rarely mutually
      > >> > but you all might want to keep an eye out for these jerks.
      > >> >
      > >> > They did not manage to ruin one of the nicest days on the
      water ever
      > >> tho.
      > >> >
      > >>
      > >> Think of the spot market price of crude and how happy the jerk
      will be
      > >> at his next fillup. Jerk seeking missiles would be more
      immediate, but
      > >> the global economy will be almost as good.
      > >>
      > >> --
      > >> James Starkey, Senior Software Architect
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      > >>
      > >>
      > >
      > >
      > > --
      > > Dan
      > >
      > >
      > >

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