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  • Ed Burke
    Feb 1, 2008
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      I had a 6' long, 1" diameter prop shaft made from Aquamet 22 (the prefered SS alloy for prop shafts) by Buedel's "The prop people" in the Baltimore area.
      They did it in a couple of days for $360 in 2002.  I just took in the old shaft and they matched it.  Their number is 1-800-381-3577.  I haven't used them since, so it's possible that they are not still in business.
      Ed Burke
      Merlin S38mkI
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      Things are expensive here in SF Bay area. We paid $2,000 to have the
      shaft cut out(old bronze one was scored) new stainless shaft
      machined with new coupling and PYI dripless and new cutless
      installed. Part of the expense was removing, and replacing the
      Maxprop which requires dissasemby. There is no way I would have
      attempted this by myself.
      If you replace the bronze shaft keep it and give it to someone who
      works with bronze. That stuff is pricey thsee days.

      Kokopelli S34II

      --- In Sabresailboat@ yahoogroups. com, "vanbeckump" <vanbeckump@ ...>
      > The yard is quoting me a dripless stuffing box. A days labor plus
      > parts they say. Does that sound right?
      > They warn that the bronze shaft may be damaged and need
      > If so they would want to replace it with stainless at around
      > They say it would have to be completely machined out of thicker
      > I am wondering why one can't use one inch rod stock and just
      > the prop end fitting.
      > What are the advantages/disadvan tages of stainless vs bronze?
      > Should I do this job myself?
      > Petr Van Beckum
      > S-30 MK3 "Airborne"
      > Noank, CT

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