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12481Re: [SabreSailboat] RE: Cutting computers in half

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  • Greg Allen
    Sep 10, 2007
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      Since only one person is ever on the computer, Mac or PC, it doesn't really matter.  For example, my Mac, running the latest OS X, is running 47 processes.  My Toshiba notebook, which I hardly ever use since there is no need to aggravate myself, has 45 processes using XP.  I think a little more integration has gone into the Mac  / Mac OS interface since Apple is the source of both,  versus Windows  where MS more or less dictates what will be and the vendors have to deal with it.  There was a rumor that Dell was trying to license Mac OS from Apple; but nothing has come of it yet.  I think Apple is still a little too dependent on MS for Office to compete in the OS environment with them.  

      If you have a PC that shares it memory bank for video, you should get as much memory as you can afford.  You will definitely see a major improvement in speed.  Also, removing unused startup processes will also make it boot faster and free up resources which are unnecessarily stealing a clock cycle or two every now and then.


      On Sep 10, 2007, at 7:34 AM, Jim Starkey wrote:

      Barry Dwyer wrote:
      The PC for my kids runs XP which as the capability to have separate log-ins, etc for a number of users.  The problem is that it takes up a lot of system resources as it runs duplicate instances of various processes.  This makes the computer slow.  I wonder if the Mac does it more efficiently…

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      Barry,    I don't think that its a Mac thing I think you can cut any PC in half or quarters fore that matter. Maybe ask" Jim  Starkey" he knows computers. 
       I have my side separate e mail and screen saver and momma has hers.  Separate screen saver separate email too. 
      We have a I pod too and its still amazing!!!!!   Lee/  fla

      Don't even think about cutting them in half.  Each half may regenerate and breed uncontrollably, leading to what's known as a "server garden" which, if left unchecked, grows into a "server farm".

      Duplicate processing can actually share some resources like the primary executable and shared libraries, but give the memory sizes of modern computers, this doesn't amount to a hill of beans.  We database types try very hard to exhaust the processor, available memory, and disk bandwidth at the same time, but given the incredible power of contemporary computers, this just can't be done from a keyboard.  However, the most CPU intensive applications on the planet other than code breaking is gaming.  Good (bah!) games consume all available processor, including multi-cores.  Two running at the same time will each run at half speed if well written.  Otherwise, you probably need more memory.

      Greg Allen

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