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10708Re: [SabreSailboat] Re: rigging problem, and shuddering rudder

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  • sid wax
    Jun 2, 2007
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      Actually, I think he was called a project manager, but he only managed to annoy.

      Dave Lochner <davelochner@...> wrote:

      I'm confused....

      An account manager at a marina?? Thought they only came with 401(k's).


      On Jun 1, 2007, at 11:28 PM, sid wax wrote:

      Strangely, both of these problems seem to have gone away, at least up to now, and the BOAT IS IN THE WATER.  The riggers got the rig straight, and there were indeed a few turns available to tighten the port aft lowers after the turnbuckle got evened out top and bottom/  The rig is now pretty snug (except for the forward lowers, those are a bit soft without any load). and there are two turns to spare.  They locked up all of the settings with cotter pins, so I probably won't do much fiddling for a while.
      As for the steering, the yard folks were insisting that the issue was a rudder bearing, and that it was not worth dealing with it, and that everything would be ok when the boat was in the water with back pressure on the rudder (like you pointed out, Tom), and that it was more important that the steering was tight.  Sure enough, with the boat in the water, at the dock, I can't even feel ther shudder! .  I don't know what will happen dureing normal sailing or motoring,
      Incidentally, all my agida was made a bit worse te other day when I found out that my account manager (the guy I had dealt with all winter) was suddenly no longer woirking for the company.  The good news is that he was a useless PITA who would not return phone calls or attend scheduled meeitngs, and will not be missed.  The better news is that my account got transfered to the service manager, who was a bit more professional than the other guy, though there are still a few communication issues,

      Tom <tjw@...> wrote:

      Does the shudder happen at the extremes left or right. Mine does but
      if there is any back pressure the shudder goes away (like when you are
      sailing). I repla! ced the grease in the cups and had the boat yard
      look at it. They said FORGETABOUT it. So I did.

      As for the mast and launching I would not advise you as the
      consequences for a rig failure can be troublesome.


      -- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, "sid wax" <sid_w@...> wrote:
      > I had my mast stepped today, and a few of the stays seem to be messed
      > up. There seems to be a bit of bow to starboard, and yet the
      > starboard forward lower is as loose as it can be, and the port aft
      > lower is as tight as it can be (actually, the latter is a bit off
      > center, and I could probably get another 1/2" out of it, but I don't
      > think that would do it.
      > My first thought as to a culprit was the mast step, but the backstay
      > seems good and solid (The headstay is non-adjustable roller
      > furling). Another thought was that since I had to remove the bottom
      > casting and of course drill new holes, so that the casting may have
      > moved, and the mast may be askew. I do not know if this problem
      > existed last season, before the mast was pulled, but I do know the
      > boat was quite slow last year.
      > Any help? Boat goes in the water tomorrow. Is there any reason to
      > delay that?
      > Also, I've had the problem of a shuddering in the rudder. A rigger
      > opened up the pedestal and told me the steering was not the culprit,
      > and thought it was in the rudder bearing. However, it doesn't feel
      > like a bearing thing, and besides, since they repaced bhe rusty
      > clamps on the cable the shuddering seems more pronounced. Any clues?
      > Sid

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