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10674Re: [SabreSailboat] rigging problem, and shuddering rudder

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  • peter van beckum
    Jun 1, 2007
      When I bought my last boat I asked why there were holes way up on both sides of the mast.  The PO said that when the boat had gotten a new mast they couldn't make it stand straight.  The riggers were on the verge of adding a second set of spreaders (!) to try and correct the problem when someone discovered that the base of the mast had been cut a little bit crooked.

      They recut the bottom of the mast and the problem was solved.

      Maybe you have a bit of something stuck under one side of the mast base which is throwing things off kilter.

      Peter Van Beckum

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      From: sid wax <sid_w@...>
      To: Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, June 1, 2007 12:37:09 AM
      Subject: Re: [SabreSailboat] rigging problem, and shuddering rudder

      The other 4 stays all had plenty of room for adjustment,  But the 2 I mentioned were really far out of whack.  As I recall, I didn't try adjusting the uppers, but any adjustment on the other lowers seem like they would either increase the bow or further slacken the port lower.
      One thing I did notice, though.  I am not sure whether the PO had a turnbuckle boot on the backstay, but with a boot installed, it interfered with the traveler, which indicates that somehow the rig should be further aft.   I tightened the backstay, but that would even further stretch the forward starboard lower, and that one is so slackened that it is is almost coming apart, and is still tight.
      I guess I depended on the riggers to have a clue how to set up the rig.  I'll have to start from scratch, loosen the lowers and get the uppers straightened out first.  The procedure ought to include using the halyards to check the rig for plumb, and then trying to adjust the aft lowers, then the forward lowers.  I'll need more advice on fine tuning, but the rig is so far off now, that I am concerned there may be some more serious problem.
      The steering is another issue, and everything I have read says that you really have to tighten the cable, but I wonder if it could be too tight, and binding someplace, and/or maybe it just needs proper lubrication.  The yard guy said he had opened it up to examine the system, but presumably he just gave it a quick look, and I will have to open it up myself and go through the full Edson maintenance procedure.  But boat goes in this week, anyway.

      Carter Brey <cbrey@attglobal. net> wrote:

      what about slackening the port upper and tightening the starboard upper?

      What about the starboard aft lower and port forward lower? Can they be
      respectively loosened and tightened?


      sid wax wrote:
      > I had my mast stepped today, and a few of the stays seem to be messed
      > up. There seems to be a bit of bow to starboard, and yet the
      > starboard forward lower is as loose as it can be, and the port aft
      > lower is as tight as it can be (actually, the latter is a bit off
      > center, and I could probably get another 1/2" out of it, but I don't
      > think that would do it.
      > My first thought as to a culprit was the mast step, but the backstay
      > seems good and solid (The headstay is non-adjustable roller
      > furling). Another thought was that since I had to remove the bottom
      > casting and of course drill new holes, so that the casting may have
      > moved, and the mast may be askew. I do not know if this problem
      > existed last season, before the mast was pulled, but I do know the
      > boat was quite slow last year.
      > Any help? Boat goes in the water tomorrow. Is there any reason to
      > delay that?
      > Also, I've had the problem of a shuddering in the rudder. A rigger
      > opened up the pedestal and told me the steering was not the culprit,
      > and thought it was in the rudder bearing. However, it doesn't feel
      > like a bearing thing, and besides, since they repaced bhe rusty
      > clamps on the cable the shuddering seems more pronounced. Any clues?
      > Sid

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