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SRQ Bird Alert June 07, 2005 - Masked Duck in Sarasota

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    1. 7 June - Stonybrook, Sarasota - Masked Duck in Sarasota A male Masked Duck was discovered in Sarasota yesterday, but word didn’t get out to the birding
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      1. 7 June - Stonybrook, Sarasota - Masked Duck in Sarasota

      A male Masked Duck was discovered in Sarasota yesterday, but word didn’t get
      out to the birding community until this afternoon. Maintenance folks at
      Stoneybrook, a section in Palmer Ranch, spotted it and Tommy Elliott, a birder from
      Venice was alerted to it today. Stonybrook is a gated community. The guards at
      the gate let us in this afternoon. We told them that others would follow.
      They seemed OK with that. If you go, please be considerate of them and the
      private property. Direx: I-75 south to Clark Road, Rte 72 in Sarasota. Go west. Make
      a left onto McIntosh, just past the railroad tracks, and keep going until
      Sarasota Central Parkway. Make a left. Go about ½ mile to Stoneybrook which will
      be on your right. Stop at the gate and then proceed to Meadow Wood (Meadow
      something). Make a left. The bird was in a pond on your right about 4/10 mile
      along. Someone put a pink flag in front of the pond. Jeanne Dubi—Sarasota

      Directions by Jeff Palmer who saw the bird this afternoon.

      Take I-75 to Clark Road (SR 72)
      West 1.9 mi to McIntosh Rd (the first left past the RR tracks)
      South 3.45 mi to Central Sarasota Parkway
      East 0.5 mi to Stoney Brook Blvd
      Turn South and stop at the Guard House. Tell them you have come to see the
      Proceed Southwest 0.4 mi to Glen Meadow Drive
      Go South 0.4 mi to a small street on the left named Veranda Way, there is a
      small pond opposite the street
      Look for the duck about 40' out from the pink flag in the grass.

      2. 6 June - Ft. DeSoto Park - Shiny Cowbirds
      From 2.45pm to 3pm on 6/6/05 at Ft. De Soto in St.
      Pete I had the 2 male Shiny Cowbirds, together with 2
      male Brown-headed Cowbirds, on the grass between the
      Bay Pier parking lot and the road, within yards of the
      Bay Pier concrete sign (supported by stone posts)
      (just past the Mulberry Tree area).

      During the 15 mins I observed, I noticed that the
      Shinys had a tendency to cock their tail up and drop
      their wings. This made them distinguishable from a
      fair distance. I'm not sure if this is typical or
      not. Cosmo Bloom Tampa, FL cosmo_bloom@...


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