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Birding Competition in Charlotte County on March 13

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      Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Birding Competition in Charlotte County on March 13

      Paul Holmes, Peace River Audubon Society, has asked me to post the announcement below:


      Speed Birding comes to Charlotte County.

      On March 13 well over a hundred well-known birding enthusiasts from all over Florida will converge on Charlotte County along with TV and radio stations.

      As the highlight of the third day of the Florida Ornithological Association spring convention being held in Venice, some of the most experienced birders in the state will join teams representing many of Audubon's Southwest Florida Audubon chapters and other speed birding enthusiasts in an attempt to beat the Charlotte Harbor 100 record.

      This record, set during the same period last year by two local birders who identified 100 species of birds, either by seeing or hearing them, without leaving Charlotte County and achieved this within the six hours is laid down as part of the challenge.

      Now for the first time speed birding enthusiasts from all over the state in Florida have been invited by Peace River Audubon Society of Charlotte County, to accept the challenge to equal or better the hundred birds in six hours record.

      Whether the record is broken or not each member of the team that logs the most species will win a 'Charlotte Harbor 100' trophy, said organizer Paul Holmes, Vice President of Peace River Audubon.

      The challenge headquarters will be set-up at the rest area on Jones Loop road, at the junction with Interstate I75. (Junction 161)

      Judges will monitor the competition as competitors call in throughout the morning keeping the media up-to-date on the progress of the competition. All competitors will return to the challenge headquarters at 12 o'clock, for the presentation of the prizes to the members of the wining team.

      "Obviously, the concentration of so many influential birding enthusiasts in one place creates an exciting opportunity for promoting Charlotte County as a great Eco-Tourism center", said Rebecca Allen of the local visitor's bureau.

      "This is our major fundraising event", said Audubon's treasurer Larry Linn, "The team members and members of the public sponsor a set amount for each bird species seen by all the teams together, so in a way it's a collective effort." "We hope to raise at least $1,000 to use for the environmental education of Charlotte County 4th grade students."

      Peace River Audubon Society would also welcome offers to sponsor the costs of staging the event and asks potential sponsors to please contact the organizer at pgholmes@... or call (941) 833-3337.

      Entry forms are available on organizer's website, 'www.peaceriveraudubon.org'


      Lyn Atherton
      Tierra Verde, FL
      url: http://home.earthlink.net/~bonniedabird/Home.htm

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