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Caloosa Bird Club Fieldtrip Results 01/27/03

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  • Vincent Lucas
    Greetings: A five sparrow day highlighted the Caloosa Bird Club s field trip to the Sarasota Celery Fields and environs yesterday. At about 7:30AM, in the area
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2003

      A five sparrow day highlighted the Caloosa Bird Club's field trip to the
      Sarasota Celery Fields and environs yesterday. At about 7:30AM, in the
      area on Center Rd. just east of the gazebo off of Palmer Blvd, we found
      the Lincoln's Sparrow along with 2-3 Swamp Sparrows, a Grasshopper and a
      Song Sparrow feeding and drinking along a small seep about half-way down
      Center Rd. It afforded the few of us there (pre-trip scouting) excellent
      views. About an hour later, when the rest of the 36 others were in
      attendance, only a few birders caught a glimpse of the Lincoln's and no
      one refound the Song Sparrow but we all did have nice side-by-side
      comparisons of the Grasshopper and a Savannah Sparrows.

      A note of caution if you go to see try for these sparrows: park at the
      recommended parking area on the left (west) side of Center Rdoad bout
      half-way down the road from Palmer. There is an old foundation(s) of a
      building here. This is where you should park. The seep where the sparrows
      frequent are another 100 feet or so north of the parking area on Center
      Rd. DO NOT park or walk on the property (including the driveway) of the
      property owner on the east side of Center Rd. as he will call the
      Sarasota County Sheriff's Department on you. This happened to our group
      even though no one (as far as I could tell) did tresspass on the man's
      property. Be forewarned. . . .

      Other good sightings were the 200 or so Black-bellied Whisting Ducks at
      point balnk range on a private golf course in Sarasota. Unfortunately, no
      Fulvous were among them. We had a total of nine duck species for the day
      including the aforementioned whistling ducks, Green-winged and
      Blue-winged Teal, Northern Shoveler, American Wigeon, Ring-necked Duck
      and Lesser Scaup among a few others. Flocks of up to 37 Sandhill Cranes
      graced the Celery Fields area and shorebirds were nice to see, including
      a small feeding flock of about eight Long-billed Dowitchers in a small
      wetland on S.R. 72 near Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church as well as
      Spotted and Least Sandpiper (Ackerman Park), Semipalmated Plover (1) also
      at Ackerman Park, and Wilson's Snipe at a few places.

      Several Forster's and one Caspian Tern were seen at the Celery Fields as
      were both expected gull species. All the expected waders were found as

      Raptors were highlighted by a display of kleptopiracy (I hope that's
      correct) of a Bald Eagle stealing a fish from an Osprey over the Celery
      Fields, another nesting pair of Bald Eagles at the Crowley Nature Center
      and a very low-flying Cooper's Hawk that buzzed through at the Celery
      Field's gazebo. Graceful Northern Harriers hawking over the Celery Fields
      are always a
      piece of "eye candy" for this birder.

      American Robins were ubiquitous! I've never seen so many AMROs as I have
      this year! It reminded me of Ohio in spring. . . . Other passerine
      sightings included the usual Pine, Yellow-rumped, Palm etc. Warblers;
      Carolina and House Wrens, White-eyed Vireo, Northern Cardinal, Eastern
      Phoebe, Loggerhead Shrike etc.

      It was an enjoyable outing to Sarasota County. . . .

      Good birding!

      Vincent Lucas
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