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Re: [BRDBRAIN] Florida Keys Hawkwatch

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  • Jeff Bouton
    Going a step further after yesterday s historic and incredible hawk flight over the keys, this also puts them 1906 hawks away from an historic record high
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2011
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      Going a step further after yesterday's historic and incredible hawk flight over the keys, this also puts them 1906 hawks away from an historic record high season count in the 12 year history of the site (current high count is 16,434 set all the way back in 1999). It is likely that this count will fall today or over the weekend given the strong Northerly winds predicted to hold on. They are also just 24 Peregrines away from setting a new WORLD RECORD for most Peregrines seen at any single site in a single season (based on all published data available)! 

      They said the Sharp-shinned Hawks were circling over 50 at a time yesterday, almost 900 Broad-wingeds, and also a record high count for Short-tailed Hawks at 7, and who wouldn't want to see 10 Swainson's Hawks?...

      For those wondering what to do today or this weekend, go down and be a part of history maybe you will count the 3,000th Peregrine, or perhaps the 16,500th raptor to pass the watch. Further for those who struggle with raptor ID there is NO better way to learn these birds than through repetition so a single day like this could represent a lifetime's worth of raptor sightings away from a migration hotspot like this! Go join the experts and learn how to identify hawks in flight. I promise anyone's skill level will jump dramatically after a single day with many birds passing. Winds will continue  strong out of the north all through the weekend so check it out.

      Here is a link to the blog post Jim refers to below:

      You can check the blog they may even have slots available for housing for volunteer banders. Give them a call and find out!

      Good birding and enjoy this spectacular mgration spectacle.

      Jeff Bouton
      Port Charlotte, FL

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      I wanted to let anyone who hasn;'t seen our Florida Keys Hawkwatch blog that today we had the single biggest count day, in the 12 yr history of the FKH with 3423 raptors counted.  Also today we broke the site daily record of Sharp-shinned hawks with 1525, daily record for Northern Harrier with 238, 3rd biggest day of Broad-winged Hawk with 899.
      With a total of 14,528 raptors counted this season we could go over 15,000 tomorrow with
      another great day.  I hope this hasn't overstepped the rules of the listservs.  Thanks to the
      list owners for allowing this post.
      Jim Eager 
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