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Help with American Kestrels

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  • jbouton2@yahoo.com
    All, The threatened paulus subspecies of the American Kestrel (a.k.a. Southeastern Kestrel , Florida Kestrel , & Florida little colloquially) is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2011

      The threatened "paulus" subspecies of the American Kestrel (a.k.a. "Southeastern Kestrel", "Florida Kestrel", & "Florida little" colloquially) is a resident race that stays in Florida throughout the summer and breeds. Comparatively little is known about this species and it is believed that their range extends south to about the Ft. Myers latitude. I'm currently doing a research project on plumage variation on these birds in Florida, and have begun by amassing sightings data. I've looked at every summer record on e-bird and other resources I can find over the past decade and have only found 3 reports south of Sarasota. i'm certain that folks out there know of others and would dearly love to hear about any summer sightings of Kestrels you may have. Any bird seen from June through mid August is almost certainly a resident.

      While I'd happily accept sightings data from anywhere in the state I'm mostly interested in sightings from Sarasota south and particularly closer to the gulf. Finding individuals closer to home would be a big advantage in saving time and gas costs when I want to study these birds naturally.

      If you have records of past summer sightings, or know of current locations of these birds, or see some over the next 2 months and would be willing to share the locations. Please e-mail me directly at jbouton2@.... I would be very greatful. I would also be interested in seeing any images anyone would be willing to share. You can see some of my early studies (just begun) on resident raptor subspecies at the Flickr site "Florida Raptors" here:

      Thanks in advance for any help any can offer!


      Jeff Bouton
      Port Charlotte, FL
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