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Re: Banded Loggerhead Shrike observations requested

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    Hi Dan and Margaret, I ll pass along word of the project. Charlie Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T ... From: Margaret England Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2010
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      Hi Dan and Margaret,

      I'll pass along word of the project.


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      From: "Margaret England" <sta5birding@...>
      Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 20:42:40 -0500
      To: 'Dan Bone'<dan.bone@...>; Charles Ewell<anhinga42@...>; <SWFLBirdline@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: RE: Banded Loggerhead Shrike observations requested


      From: Dan Bone [mailto:dan.bone@...]
      Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 8:27 PM
      To: Margaret England
      Subject: Banded Loggerhead Shrike observations requested


      Hello Margaret,

      I am hoping you can post the following announcement/request for me on SW FLbirdline. I see that there have been no postings since Oct 16 so if SW FLbirdline is no longer viable then do what you can-- ie send this info where it may do some good. I got your email from the CBC compilor list and I monitor bird lists at surfbirds.com . It would be impossible to join all the birdlines in the south eastern States so I appreciate any help you can give me.


      Dan Bone, Wildlife Preservation Volunteer (the request starts on the next line)


      Banded Loggerhead Shrike Observations Requested: Christmas Bird Counts and all winter

      Much time and effort has been put into Loggerhead Shrike research and recovery in Ontario, Canada, where the species is critically endangered.  Breeding shrikes found in Ontario are banded with metal and/or colour leg bands in an effort to address the greatest knowledge gap for recovery of Ontario shrikes -- migration routes and wintering areas. 

      We are asking for your help by determining if any Loggerhead Shrikes you find are banded.  Report BANDED Loggerhead Shrikes sightings to Jessica Steiner  jessica@...   Wildlife Preservation Canada.  Of greatest importance are shrikes banded with a silver band on right leg and red band on left leg OR a red band over silver on the left leg ONLY -- these birds are carrying 'geolocator' tags and must be captured to retrieve the tag, which will provide information on their migration route.

      We have more information about the recovery programme, banding colour coding and the reporting of sightings in a PDF file found on the Wildlife Preservation Canada website: for a direct link, click here:  http://www.wptc.org/wildlife/USshrikeW2010-11.pdf  .  

      Please feel free to forward this information to others, particularly club newsletters, cbc compilers and other birding organizations.

      Thank you for your assistance.

      Dan Bone, Wildlife Preservation Canada (volunteer), 705-887-4691, dan.bone@..., ( dan dot bone at xplornet dot calm) Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada


      Jessica Steiner

      Species Recovery Biologist

      Wildlife Preservation Canada

      RR#5 5420 Highway 6 North,

      Guelph ON N1H 6J2

      Tel: 519-836-9314 and toll free 1-800-956-6608

      Fax: 519-836-8840



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