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FW: Six Mile Slough parcels go to commissioners tomorrow

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  • Charlie Ewell
    All, Please see the info below if you are interested in future land acquisitions by the Lee Conservation 20/20 program. Charlie Ewell Cape Coral, FL
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      Please see the info below if you are interested in future land acquisitions by the Lee Conservation 20/20 program.


      Charlie Ewell

      Cape Coral, FL


      (new email address)


      Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife/Burrowing Owl Festival info:



      Lee County Bird Patrol info:



      SWFL Birdline info:



      FL Ornithological Society info:



      Subject: Six Mile Slough parcels go to commissioners tomorrow


      Hi all,

      I received a note about tomorrows Board of County Commissioners Meeting (see below). Whether it is true or not I felt it was important to pass along.  This is agenda item number 5, a 20/20 agenda item on properties north of the slough. The parcels are directly contiguous with the slough through culverts under State Road 82 ( MLK Blvd. ). It includes 1,213 acres of land that contains cypress domes, wet flatwoods, and pasture lands. The pasture lands were included to provide the possibility for water storage to enhance the slough. The cost of the lands can be used as match for these improvements done by the SFWMD.  The public lands that make up the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve with this addition will be increased by over 30%. The addition of uplands to the slough will offer recreational activities such as wildlife viewing, hiking and other passive recreation close to the City of Ft Myers and the population core of Lee County . Because of the size of the parcel the acquisition will be phased over two years.


      It is important that public support for this project is shown at the meeting. The Board meeting takes place in the County Commissioners meeting room in the old court house tomorrow Tuesday, February 23rd at 9:30am.


      1. Note I was sent on parcels.



      The County's acquisition of 1211 acres next to Buckingham for a 20/20 preserve are in jeopardy with 2 commissioners planning to vote against accepting the contract at Tuesday's meeting.  If you are in favor of the County preserving this property, please attend the meeting to show your support.  Meeting begins at 9:30 in Commission Chambers and the contract is the first item on the Administrative Agenda.




      2. Agenda item:


      5.       COUNTY LANDS


      Authorize: (1) approval of the Option Agreement for purchase of Parcels 390, 410, and 422, Conservation 20/20 Land Acquisition Program, Project No. 8800, further identified as STRAP Nos. 13-44-25-P1-00001.0000, 24-44-25-P1-00001.1000, 24-44-25-P1-00001.2000, 23-44-25-P1-00001.0000, 26-44-25-P2-00001.1000, 22-44-25-P2-00062.0000, 22-44-25-P2-00009.0020, Part of 22-44-25-P2-00061.0000, 23-44-25-P1-00001.0010, 15-44-25-P3-00032.0000, and 14-44-25-P4-00002.1000, consisting of approximately 1,213 acres, located in East Lee County, in the amount of $36,256,200; (2) the Chairman on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners to execute all documents necessary for closing; (3) payment of necessary costs and fees to close; and (4) the Division of County Lands to handle and accept all documentation necessary to complete this transaction.
      (#20100134-COUNTY LANDS)

      Fund–Conservation 20/20 Capital Improvement Fund; Program–Capital Project; Project: Conservation 20/20, Land Purchase.

      Approves the Option Agreement for acquisition over an extended time period of three properties recommended by the Conservation Land Acquisition and Stewardship Advisory Committee.



      3. Parcel map.





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