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FW: Great Birding day

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  • Charlie Ewell
    FYI Charlie Ewell Cape Coral, FL anhinga42@embarqmail.com http://www.birdpatrol.org Burrowing Owl Festival (Feb 21 2009) info at:
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      Charlie Ewell

      Cape Coral, FL



      Burrowing Owl Festival (Feb 21 2009) info at:


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      Sent: Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:50 PM
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      Subject: [FlaBirding] Great Birding day

      Hi all
      I see I wasn't the only intrepid birder weathering the July heat this
      weekend. A fellow British birder and I tallied 70 species today
      starting at Harns Marsh in Lee Co. Attendant Snail Kites and Limpkins
      inspired us. A Blk-cr Night Heron, many Multi-hued Little Blue heron,
      roosting black and turkey vultures. We east with Sta-1 as our eastern
      most destination. In LaBelle we took some side streets to the south
      and found a Red-headed Woodpecker along with red-bellied, downy,
      pileated,brown thrasher, white-eyed vireo, 5 species of doves( several
      white-winged, Eurasian collared, mourning, ground and rock pigeon),
      red-shouldered hawk, and several common passerine species. Stopped
      along SR-80 for looks at caracara and Sandhill crane.I heard bobwhite
      while passing Wellington pkwy a couple of miles east of LaBelle and we
      enjoyed dueling Bobwhites from fences posts with a meadowlark chorus.
      At South Bay we jogged south to SR-827A where we began seeing common
      nighthawks. We found a wet field just south of Belle Glade with a
      score of blk-necked Stilts, glossy ibis and 2 black-bellied whistling
      duck, some laughing gulls and a lesser yellowlegs. At STA-1 just a few
      green and great blue heron but plenty of tri-colored and little blues,
      a lone spoonbill and another blk-bellied whistling duck. It took a
      while but did see a barn owl as it flushed from a huge Java Plum tree.
      Heading back we drove Browns Farm Rd. There are no wet fields at all
      but plenty of stagin purple martins and a scattering of barn swallows.
      Then as we approached a thick cluster of Aussie pines we spotted a
      White-tailed Kite roosting in the nearest tree to the road. Oh, and a
      lot more nighthawks. We returned to ft myers via SR-78 Spotted a
      Swallow-tailed Kite soaring along the rim canal just befored
      Clewiston. While still in Glades Co we spotted a wet pasture with
      waders and purple gallinule, in Lee Co now we stopped at the wet
      pasture on 78 that yields so much and were not disappointed 2
      caracara, several sandhill crane and more. Stopped
      along Plantation Rd for eastern bluebird and found three. A red-tailed
      hawk was spotted circling with a Rex-shouldered hawk
      Mcavian@aol. com
      Vince McGrath

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