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STA5-Clewiston Checklist and CBC Invitation

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  • Margaret England
    Birders, Compilers, and Photographers are invited to the 2nd Annual STA5-Clewiston CBC to be held on Saturday Jan. 3rd for the a.m. or all day count. The West
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2008
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      Birders, Compilers, and Photographers are invited to the 2nd Annual STA5-Clewiston CBC to be held on Saturday Jan. 3rd for the a.m. or all day count.
      The West Team will have a chance to bird at Chuck Obern's Organic  from a swamp buggy and  travel by car to other birding hotspots along 835.
      The East Team will be birding along the Miami Canal  south of Rogers Road and along Manley Ditch Road on the  north side of Rotenberg Wildlife Management Area. 
      The Blumberg Road Team will cover Blumberg in the am. and then join the STA5 team in the afternoon.
      The STA5 team is being expanded in order to better cover the 8 square mile storm water treatment area.
      Quality Electric on 835 south of Clewiston  has volunteered the use of their office for our staging area and post count BBQ. 
      For information about the STA5-Clewiston FLSO CBC or the upcoming STA5 tours contact:
      Margret England
      Our new website is under construction.
      Please check our current website for updates:
      Location:     Stormwater Treatment Area 5
      Observation date:     11/29/08
      Notes:     Cassin's probable.  #165 Added to STA5 checklist: Barred Owl
      Number of species:     77
      Participants: 31
      Black-bellied Whistling-Duck     300
      Fulvous Whistling-Duck     400
      American Wigeon     
      Mottled Duck     
      Blue-winged Teal     
      Northern Shoveler    
      Northern Pintail     200
      Green-winged Teal     
      Ring-necked Duck     
      Ruddy Duck     2
      Pied-billed Grebe     
      Double-crested Cormorant     
      American Bittern     4
      Great Blue Heron     
      Great Egret     
      Snowy Egret     
      Little Blue Heron     
      Tricolored Heron     
      Cattle Egret     
      Green Heron     
      White Ibis    
      Glossy Ibis     
      Roseate Spoonbill   (less than 10)
      Wood Stork     
      Black Vulture     
      Turkey Vulture     
      SNAIL KITE     5
      Northern Harrier     
      Cooper's Hawk     1
      Red-shouldered Hawk     
      Red-tailed Hawk     
      Crested Caracara     3
      American Kestrel     15
      KING RAIL     1
      Sora     5
      PURPLE SWAMPHEN    6+ 
      Purple Gallinule     1
      Common Moorhen     
      American Coot   
      Limpkin     1
      Black-necked Stilt     50+
      Spotted Sandpiper     
      Greater Yellowlegs     
      Lesser Yellowlegs     
      Least Sandpiper     
      Long-billed Dowitcher     
      Wilson's Snipe     
      Mourning Dove     
      Common Ground-Dove     
      BARRED OWL     (#165 for the STA-5 checklist)
      Belted Kingfisher     
      Eastern Phoebe     
      CASSIN'S KINGBIRD (Probable..)     1  
      Western Kingbird     5
      Loggerhead Shrike     
      White-eyed Vireo     
      Tree Swallow     
      Northern Rough-winged Swallow     
      CAVE SWALLOW     2   (Excellent looks at these birds as they perched on wires in good light)
      BARN SWALLOW     2
      Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     2
      Gray Catbird     4
      Northern Mockingbird     
      Yellow-rumped Warbler     
      Palm Warbler     
      Common Yellowthroat     
      Savannah Sparrow     
      Swamp Sparrow      1 
      Northern Cardinal     
      Red-winged Blackbird     
      Eastern Meadowlark     
      Boat-tailed Grackle

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