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STA5 Hendry County 20 miles south of Lake Okeechobee

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  • Margaret England
    Subject: STA5 Hendry County 20 miles south of Lake Okeechobee Here s yesterday s STA5 list. We had 50+ species in the first hour. We are waiting for photos
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2008
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      Subject: STA5 Hendry County 20 miles south of Lake Okeechobee

      Here's yesterday's STA5 list. We had 50+  species in the first hour.  We are waiting for photos to ID one of the kingbirds which was either a Western or Cassin's.
      Dates for the upcoming tours is at end of this message.
       The 2nd annual  STA5-Clewison (FLSO) Chistmas Bird Count will be Sat. Jan. 3rd. Volunteers are invited to help with the  STA5  survey and with other sites in our circle.
      Contact for STA5 or CBC STA5-Clewiston (FLSO),
      Margaret England
      Hendry-Glades Audubon Website: http://www.orgsites.com/fl/hgaudubon/

      Location:     Stormwater Treatment Area 5
      Observation date:     10/18/08
      Number of species:     64
      Participants: 20

      Mottled Duck     
      Blue-winged Teal   >750
      Ring-necked Duck   1
      Ruddy Duck   2
      Pied-billed Grebe     
      Double-crested Cormorant    
      Least Bittern   1
      Great Blue Heron     
      Great Blue Heron (White form)    1 
      Great Egret     
      Snowy Egret     
      Little Blue Heron     
      Tricolored Heron     
      Cattle Egret     
      Green Heron    
      Black-crowned Night-Heron     
      White Ibis     
      Glossy Ibis     
      Roseate Spoonbill   2
      Wood Stork     
      Black Vulture    
      Turkey Vulture  
      Snail Kite   3 (one was banded). We haven't seen SNKIs at STA-5 for several months.
      Northern Harrier    3-4
      Cooper's Hawk    1
      Red-shouldered Hawk     
      American Kestrel     
      Peregrine Falcon     4
      Sora     >5 (all but one heard).
      Purple Swamphen    8
      Purple Gallinule     >25 (Seen mostly eating the flowerheads off the tops of Alligator Flag)
      Common Moorhen     
      American Coot     
      Black-necked Stilt    2
      Greater Yellowlegs     
      Lesser Yellowlegs    
      Marbled Godwit    1 (Second record for STA-5)
      Least Sandpiper     
      Mourning Dove     
      Common Ground-Dove     
      Barn Owl     2
      Belted Kingfisher    
      Western Kingbird   3  
      Loggerhead Shrike     
      White-eyed Vireo     
      Northern Rough-winged Swallow    >250 (Very common at STA-5)
      Barn Swallow   <10
      Marsh Wren     1
      Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     
      Gray Catbird     
      Northern Mockingbird    
      Palm Warbler     
      American Redstart     
      Common Yellowthroat     
      Eastern Towhee     
      Northern Cardinal     
      Red-winged Blackbird     
      Eastern Meadowlark     
      Common Grackle     
      Boat-tailed Grackle 
      2008:    November 15, November 29, December 13, December 27

      2009 Schedule

      January 3, 2009(Christmas Bird Count: Teams)

      January 17, January 31, 2009

      Everyone is welcome to join the Feb. 14-16th tours. Your help with bird counts while birding in Hendry-Glades County

      during the Great Backyard Bird Count is not required in order to participate in the Feb. 14-15 tours, but will be greatly appreciated.

      February 14, 2009 Morning session (Great Backyard Count Weekend), February 14 2nd Tour: Afternoon/Sunset Photography Session (Great Backyard Count Fun Weekend)

      February 15,February 16, 2009 (Great Backyard Count Fun Weekend)

      February 28, March 7, March 21,, 2009

       April 4,  Big O Birding Festival April 3-4, 2009: Clewiston Florida with tours and events in Hendry and Glades County

       April 18, 2009

      May 9, 2009 North American Migration Count (Correct Date)

      June 20, July 11, August 15, September 19, October 17, 2009

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