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982Re: [SWFLBirdline] Black headed Gull ID?

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  • barbara sallee
    Feb 1, 2006
      I compared the Laughing and Black-Headed Gulls in Harrison's Seabirds and in Sibley with your photo. As far as I can tell, all the characteristics except the bill color fit the Laughing Gull. The bill size and shape are that of the L.G., the head and wing pattern and color fit the adult winter bird. I did read that a few pairs of Black-H's have bred in the NE US but this doesn't look like one to me. I think a similar bird to this one has been seen recently around Sanibel Is. and was IDed as a Laughing Gull with an abherent red bill.
      Bradenton, FL

      maysodpd <spoonerfamily@...> wrote:
      Yesterday while out photographing Birds I saw this Gull with red legs
      and a red beak. Took a picture of it and looked in Sibley, and the
      only thing I can find similar is a black headed gull. Can anyone give
      me a positive ID for this gull?
      The gull was on the Palma Sola Bay in Bradenton.
      Here is the link to its photo (click on 1st image in gallery for
      larger picture)


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