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626Bunche Beach on Leap Day, a "Great White" experience !

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  • G. C. and Mrs. S. H. Hampton
    Mar 1, 2004
      A quick Tour of Bunche Beach late on a Leap Day afternoon resulted in the usual plus:

      1 Long-Billed Curlew
      3 Marbled Godwits
      9 Glossy Ibis flying along the beach on the far north end.
      23 Black-Bellied Plovers in one tight nervous and flighty flock, (possibly migrants)

      Highlight of the trip was our personal Northernmost sighting of the White "phase" of the Great Blue Heron, AKA the "Great White Heron" feeding along the shore just at dusk. This huge bird was pristine-plumaged and pure white, with the yellowish legs and huge yellowish bill of the classic "Great White" of the Keys. This bird allowed cautious approach to within 35 feet before slowly moving off South along the beach. This is the first specimen we have seen north of Wiggins Pass, and that was many years ago.

      Gary C. Hampton
      Sandra H. Hampton
      Cape Coral, Florida

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