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463Sanibel lighthosue 8/31 - 9/1

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  • McAvian@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2003
      Both days spent were from 8am - 10:30am. It seems to quiet down plus the heat
      get oppressive and people begin to outnumber birds.
      Not as active as last weekend warbler wise. Only 1 ea. of N. Parula,
      Yellow, Black & White and some but not many Prairies. Yesterday a Northern
      Waterthrush dropped in for a close up at the bench. Swallows on the other hand were
      much more numerous and varied. Bank and cliff were quite common as well as Purple
      Martin w/many ad males and Barns were abundant as ever. Good flights of
      Eastern Kingbirds mostly in the 10 to 15 size flock. a dozen Chimney Swifts
      yesterday, today only one.
      Here is a question. Do Eurasian Collared Doves migrate? My guess is yes for
      many small flocks passed by both days in the general direction of migrants.
      This is truly an avian phenomena as just five years ago I never saw this occur
      in E.C.Doves
      OK saved the best for last, at 9:45am a flock of Swallow-tailed
      Kites began approaching the lighthouse, after ten minutes of circling and
      cavorting among themselves they turned SE and left the island. We counted 30.
      Saw the local Cooper's Hawk along McGregor at Davis Rd. today as well as
      an Eagle. The sandspit just over the toll bridge has up to 20 Black Terns daily
      now and the mudflats at the Sanibel toll plaza has Marbled godwits, Red Knots
      and an assortment of other sandpipers, herons, egrets, etc...
      Vince McGrath
      Ft. Myers,Fl.

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