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398Punta Gorda, June 1st, 03

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  • McAvian@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2003
      Hi all,
      Got out early for some pine flatwoods searching at Babcock/Webb WMA. I was well rewarded with Red-cockaded Wood., numerous Brown-h. Nuthatch, bachman's Sparrows a plenty, Pine Warblers and an assortment of songbird denizens.
        The Burrowing Owls near Ponce DeLeon Park ( quiet today, some sanderlings) have crossed the street and built 2 burrows, the front one had 2 fledglings feeding outside the burrow.
        The most interesting bird of the day were 3 fledglings N.Rough-winged Swallows being fed by a parent while sitting on the mooring rope of the 127' Blach Sheep boat docked next to the Smuggler's Restaurant at the end of the dock of Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda. I'm as surprised to see fledged birds as I was to find they even nest in our area. Oh yeah , I saw an imm. N.Gannet over my head while kayaking N. Captiva at Redfish Pass on Thurs. the 29th of May.
      Happy Birding
      Vince McGrath
      Ft. Myers,Fl.