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264Last Bird of 2002

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  • Vincent Lucas
    Jan 1, 2003
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      For the two Vinces (McGrath & Lucas) and Peter Murphy, our last bird of
      2002 was a group of about 30 or so Chipping Sparrows at Oscar Scherer
      State Park. On the same trip, we found three Nelson's Sharp-tailed
      Sparrows in the saltmarsh grasses (species?) at Cockroach Bay in
      Hillsborough County along with a Swamp Sparrow as a lone Caspian Tern
      "dive-bombed" for fish nearby. We had nearly 90
      Black-bellied-Whistling-Ducks on a private golf course near Sarasota.
      Three Limpkin at the Sarasota Celery Field along with six or more
      Green-winged Teal, a few Northern Shovelers and four Black-necked Stilts
      at Ackerman Park were good finds. There were literally thousands of
      American Robins everywhere we went, especially in Hillsborough and
      Manatee Counties. I guess the robins were trying to outrun the impending
      weather front that brought so many thunderstorms to our area overnight. A
      few Cedar Waxwings were among them. All-in-all, we had 85 species to
      round out the last day of 2002.

      What will the first day of 2003 yield? Stay tuned. . . .

      Happy New year to all.

      Vincent Lucas