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  • France
    May 28, 2014
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      Good morning Bird Folks;

      Not only does the majority of the birds travel north during the spring but the list gets really quiet too. It is true that the numbers of species have diminished but for me it provides more opportunity to slow down and take the time to observe behaviors of the birds that are here.

      Such as: The Black-necked Stilts who are summering at the Bailey Tract and sitting on nests. The Killdeers being seen in little groups and dancing - I assume here that it's their mating rituals. The Green Herons which I've watched grow from the egg stage and soon ready to fledge. And the surprise of seeing 7 Spotted Sandpipers together in a group with breeding plumage bobbing their tails in unison. Sweet!

      It may be quiet but there are still beauties to be seen. I look forward to do a Big June in my county and see where that takes me.

      Photos are posted on my blog http://www.birdstring.blogspot.com
        France Paulsen
      Sanibel, Florida