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2554Red-tailed Hawk renesting

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  • Vincent McGrath
    May 11, 2014
    Imagine my surprise when CROW called me today to relocate a fledgling Red-tailed Hawk. Wow! I am even surprised to find them nesting in S Ft Myers. Whiskey Creek community to be exact. Many thanks to the privileged residents to have them nest right over their house. The oldest fledged and was present a second died this the third was lucky. To high to replaced a milk crate on rooftop very near nest will have to do, wishing this intrepid fellow well. A first for me and quite a thrill. Red-tailed Hawk was a common nester twenty years ago but development has drastically reduced their occurrence.(darn iPhone here's Jose's Upland for extra measure ) I am pleasantly surprised and happy to report some ' tails' thrive.