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2551Baby behaviors

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  • France
    May 5, 2014
      Good Evening Folks;

      I have observed on a couple occasions the behaviors of babies around their parents and I find it fascinating as I'm sure you can all identify with.

      When I observed some RBWO, the babies would be silent until the parent would come over with food. On the other hand, this weekend I observed a baby COGR sitting on the edge of the nesting box chipping away until the parents came near, at which point it became quiet. Is this common behavior?

      Okay, here's another question....where can I find detailed information about bird behaviors - as a chick, as a parent, the time of year that they copulate and have their family etc etc. Information that I am able to find are not as detailed as what I am looking for.

      Thank you. And if you want to see an ugly baby COGR - that only a mother could love, you are welcome to check my blog http://www.birdstring.blogspot.com 

      France Paulsen
      Sanibel, Florida