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  • Charlie Ewell
    Jan 13, 2014
      FYI on the out of area V-G Swallow.

      Charlie Ewell
      Cape Coral, FL

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      From: Gary Davis <garyrdavis@...>
      Date: 01/13/2014 12:01 PM (GMT-05:00)
      To: BRDBRAIN@...
      Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Violet-green Swallow

      I found the Violet-green Swallow yesterday just before noon after spending
      11 hours Sat and Sun watching out over the prairie for the bird. The old
      expression birds have wings and they use them is definitely applicable to
      looking for this bird. I did not see any swallows for hours and then suddenly
      they would appear, often way too far out in the extensive prairie to ID. I
      had 4 swallows close enough to ID in 7 hours Sat. On Sun nothing for a
      couple hours, then 2 came in close, then 5, then 7. The Violet -green
      Swallow came in with 1 Northern Rough-winged swallow and 5 Tree
      Swallows. They swirled around in front of me and flew right over me,
      affording good looks at the field marks.  With the sun behind me, when the
      Violet-green turned and the light hit it, the back was a brilliant emerald

      I am posting to give advice on looking for the bird. Mosquitos were bad
      around the car at the trailhead and during the 15 minute walk through the
      hammock to the prairie. Boots or sturdy footwear are a good idea. The
      trail is not maintained so watch for briar vines hanging into the trail. It was
      very hot and humid on the prairie so bring plenty of water along with DEET,
      sunscreen, food, and what ever else you need for an extended stay. A 
      chair would be good as waiting for some time and hoping to get lucky and
      have the bird fly in close enough to ID is how to do this.

      I am attaching Angel's post from yesterday with important details as it
      seems to not be on the Brdbrain message list for some reason.Especially
      note the advice to watch your speed, as rangers were running speed traps
      with marked and unmarked cars.

      Angel's post:

      I just received a phone call from Gary Davis that he spotted the Violet-
      green Swallow about ten minutes ago. He got spectacular looks from a
      close distance and was able to see the ID features (brilliant green shine on
      back, white rump & white arc above eye) very well. Gary mentioned that
      the bird was with a small flock of swallows (~7 Tree Swallow and one NRW

      If you are attempting the chase, please be respectful of speed limits not
      only in the park, but in the Flamingo area as the speed limit is drastically
      lower than main park road. You will have to speak to the rangers at the
      campground check-in, let the ranger know that you are there to look for
      the Swallow. They have been made aware of the birds presence and are
      allowing birders to drive to the back of the campground, saving you lots of
      walking. Please don't not park on the grass once in the campground, this
      has been the main request from ranger besides speeding.

      Park at the back of Loop C. While on the Coastal Prairie Trail the first thing
      you will encounter is a small hammock, walk past the hammock until it
      opens up. Here you will see a sign (Bayshore/Coastal Prairie Trail) once
      here continue on the CP Trail and start looking for a small trail cut in the
      succulent grass. You will see a flat area with dried mud just feet ahead, set
      up here and start scanning the prairie. Please try to limit damage to the
      vegetation, there are a few rare prairie plants that one should be careful
      not to stomp on.  Rule of thumb, step where it obvious that others have
      walked or stood. 

      Good luck to all that choose to chase this bird. Gary put in two days of
      searching and got lucky halfway into his second day. It could be a sit and
      wait bird.

      Gary Davis
      St Johns Florida

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